You Need Great Content If You Want Higher Rankings In 2013

Every website would like to be ranked number one in Google. However competition grows every year. Over the last decade internet marketers have battled with search giant. Whether it was using bots to build links with a huge number of sites at the press of a button, link wheels or keyword stuffing , they used all sorts of strategies for outwitting Google’s carefully calculated algorithm.

However , lately the Big G has made great advances in not only beating these techniques but also penalizing internet marketers that have used them. Google’s Penguin and Panda updates may have cuddly names. But the destruction they have unleashed onto the rankings, and earnings, of thousands of affiliate web sites have led to many giving up the battle altogether.

A lot of SEO marketers stubbornly continue to use the same old tactics to infest websites with links to their sites. But they wont be able to for much longer. Ultimately, it’s only a matter of time before Google wins the war, and online marketers bow their heads in subservience to the new rules of SEO.

how seo now works

Google would prefer you not to use any SEO tactics at all. Should you go over the top in your backlinking building tactics you can look forward to getting a ‘Google slap’ in the next algorithm update. Instead, looking natural is the name of the game. How can this be done? Through ethical ‘white hat’ SEO.

These are the new pillars of SEO:

Aim For A Wider Range Of Keywords – Not long ago the main SEO advice was to use keywords in your ‘anchor text. Predictably, this tactic became totally overused and abused to the point where it has backfired for many internet marketers. Nowadays, you need to have a assortment of anchor text to reflect the many ways in which people enter links to sites. Rather than just having ‘snow blower’ as your link in every syndicated article and blog post, you should have terms like ‘visit our snow plough website’, ‘we sell the best snow ploughs‘ and more varied links .

Bounce Rate – Much like a rubber ball bouncing against a wall, this is the amount of visitors who leave your website without checking out other pages. This is now a key indicator of your website’s value and relevancy. So to boost your rankings, you’ll need high quality content that answers people’s questions, keeps them engaged and keeps them hanging around for longer. This means investing in high quality content.

Social Media Links- Social media is playing a growing role in SEO. So Likes, Tweets and other social media indicators are being used in Google’s algorithm. How do you get all these social signals? That’s right, through employing a copywriter to write great content for you. In fact, you can now get as much traffic from social media sites as you can the search engines. This means high value content can double your traffic, and one day Facebook and Twitter’s influence may grow to the level where you dont even have to worry about SEO.

Guest Posting – Getting backlinks on relevant sites with ‘authority’ has always been SEO gold. The only problem is that now everyone wants to contribute to the most popular blogs. They will be less than impressed if you send them rehashed content, reheated and handed over as original thought. If you want your articles to be accepted and to drive traffic, along with a backlink, you need to provide articles that challenges their reader’s preconceptions or has something new to say. Providing this content takes research and time to assemble such unique, original guest articles.

Google Author Link – Google might still be lagging behind its rivals, but ignore Google at your peril. If you havent already, you need to start adding members to your Google Circles because it gives Google a clear signal people are interested in what you have to say. Consequently, adding the Google authorship tag to your website lets Google know that you can be trusted to deliver excellent content which keeps people engaged and that you deserve a high ranking in its search results.

So the message is clear. To gain higher search engine rankings you need to get talking to SEO copywriters and/or content producers. The added bonus is that along with higher search engine rankings, you’ll be developing your brand as a thought leader and an expert . This of course means that higher conversions and more sales on your website will follow .


Recovering from a visit from Panda and Penguin, and building ‘link building assets’ to ward them off in the future

Last year, I received an early Christmas gift from Google. Instead of a card or a PPC voucher, I got repeated ‘Google slaps’ that sent me tumbling down to the wastelands of page three. I’m not alone in experiencing such a bruising encounter.

SEO forums are rife with distraught businesses that have seen their rankings plummet after a visit from Google’s cuddly sounding updates.

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How to Become a Copywriter (or rather how I did it and what I'd do differently)

This year will be my eighth as a freelance copywriter. The moment when I can boast of a decade’s experience beckons. But it’s a journey that’s been far from easy. Many a time have I woken in the middle of the night panicking at the loss of a steady income and a corporate pension. But then the morning dawns; I pour myself a coffee and get back to growing my business.

Recently I’ve been

how to become a copywriter

Malta Copywriter and Malta Marketing Services

Back in 2009 I decided it was time to give remote working a try. Rather than move to another city, I decided to move to another country and Malta became my home.

So if you’re looking for a Malta based copywriter or a Malta based marketing agency, you’ve come to the right place.

For nearly a decade I’ve been writing brochures, email campaigns, direct mail, press releases, websites and

Malta copywriter

B2B Copywriting

When many people sit down to write about their business something strange happens. Instead of using the matter of fact language and smooth sales patter they’d use when talking to a customer face to face, they’ll use over the top superlatives and cliched jargon, like ‘blue sky thinking’ and ‘bleeding edge’. The reason is that from a young age we’ve been taught that using long words and phrases

B2B copywriting

Should copywriters be offering SEO services next year? Google certainly thinks so

At this time of year it’s always good to reflect on what went well and what didn’t in 2012. A new year is around the corner, which means a new opportunity to learn from this year’s mistakes and to step forward in the right direction. For me, this means reflecting on the affiliate marketing campaign I embarked on this year; although, ‘campaign’ is a rather grandiose term for my shambolic

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Finding Clients Can Be A Challenge When Starting Out. Here Are Four Ways To Find Them

If you decide to flee the office world and to live by your wits and your wordprocesser as a freelance copy writer, the biggest challenge you are going to deal with is locating clients. Customers are not going to contact you simply because you created a website. It can take a few months to build up your customer base and income.

With this in mind, prior to starting out it’s a wise decision to save at least half a year’s worth of savings and to put together a plan of action for tracking down paying customers.

Here are several of the ways you can find paying clients for your copywriting talents:

Local Networking Events

In my experience, your local neighborhood needs to be where your focus should be for obtaining customers for your services. It’s simply human nature that people prefer to employ those they like, know and trust. With this in mind, you need to be out there shaking hands and speaking to local business leaders, face to face, at each and every opportunity..

If you check with your local council or business support organisations you will probably find an active business networking scene in your neighbourhood. They are frequently held in local hotel function room or can take place over an early morning breakfast in a local restaurant . You may find that many networking events charge for attendance, which normally includes refreshments and food. But if cost is an issue, there are usually odd events you can attend withouht an attendance fee.

However , if you can’t find any business networking events in your town or city, then why not launch an event of your own? You could create the event on a website, like LinkedIn or Meetup. Once you have setup the event, send invitations to people you’re friends with and persuade them to invite people in their business network so you can assist one another to find more paying customers.

Search for customers on LinkedIn

Whereas Facebook is for fun, LinkedIn is focused on business.. It is a social media site where professionals can promote their know-how and link up with other professionals in their field.. So it’s a good place to find clients by getting involved by creating a user profile and engaging with people you’ve worked with in the past and people you wish to work together with in the foreseeable future.

A sensible place to begin is linking with friends from your previous jobs to grow your network. You can also use LinkedIn to discover enterprises in your local area that could need your skills and who you can contact for work.

Pick up the phone

Contacting  companies by phone requesting freelance work might sound like a scary undertaking. It can also be time-consuming, but contacting local companies that might require a freelance copywriter is far more effective than email bombing them. Sending unwanted e-mail is less likely to get the result you would like, unless you want to annoy people and be branded a spammer. Making the effort to pick up the telephone, however, gives you an opportunity to speak about your copywriting services in a more ethical way that can build up a connection and give you the possibility of acquiring some freelance copywriting work.

Reach out to local agencies that use freelance copywriters

Local marketing and web design agencies can be a goldmine of freelance copywriting assignments paid at a good rate of pay.. They will likely also give you access to larger higher paying clients and brands than you’d be in the position to link with as a self employed freelancer. Although the larger agencies might have writers internally, a lot of the smaller agencies will likely outsource business copywriting agency work to a group of local freelance workers to keep their headcount and expenses down.

With any luck this post has provided you with some ideas on where to search to seek out clients. So instead of sitting at home expecting the phone to ring or perhaps for people to find your web site and contact you, keep advertising and marketing yourself to local small businesses to develop your customer base and salary.