Writing for a living from home can be bliss for some…and a nightmare for others

As with starting up any new business enterprise, becoming a freelance copywriter can be a challenge – and I should know because I began my copywriting business from scratch! It will take months, if not many years, to build your customer portfolio as well as to be getting a stable salary. However you’ll find there can be big rewards for those able to do it, both in terms of money as well as lifestyle. There are downsides too, though.

The best things about being a free lance copy writer

Earning money to write – If you love writing then getting paid to do it ought to sound like paradise. As a free lance copywriter you spend your days studying fascinating new subjects and then writing about them in a manner that aims to be compelling and persuasive.

Broaden your know-how – To begin with you’ll probably be a generalist, which means you will be writing about a variety of products and subjects. You are continuously discovering new topics and also broadening your know-how, it’s amazing how frequently subjects cross. If you like finding out about something totally new, then becoming a free lance copywriter could be perfect for you.

Picking how to spend your time – Being your own manager and working at home will give you the independence to make selections about how to set up your entire day.. You can pick your own hours, wear whatever you like and be in charge of your own future. If you’re struggling for ideas on how to open a sales letter or perhaps the best way to describe a dog walking service, you can just pick-up your mobile computer and move to your local Starbucks, library or even the park..

Earnings potential – It takes time to get established, but once you have built your client base you can expect to get paid a pretty sum for your work. Writing for businesses to help promote their products can be a stressful job. But with your performance connected to sales you can expect to earn a six figure income with practice and experience.

Reasons why you might not want to become a self-employed copy writer

The amount of competition that can drive prices down – In my experience, the most worthwhile source of clients is those that are living in your local area. They will be happy to pay a reasonable rate to work with someone they can look in the eye and meet in person.. When you become a freelancer, it’s very important to get promoting yourself in your local town or city and attending networking occasions as often as possible to get your name around and to meet customers.

Nevertheless, some businesses may have a small budget and will look online to find a self-employed copy writer. The reach from the internet has broadened your competition to the world. Now anyone with an internet connection and wordprocessing software can claim to be a copywriter, that can make persuading businesses to pay a reasonable rate for your work challenging..

Changing earnings : When beginning your journey, I propose having enough income to last you half a year while you find customers. Even so sustaining a stable income may be a struggle. There will be occasions when the emails never cease flowing and the telephone is off hook. Other times you may be watching your PC nervously awaiting those enquiries to reach. You have to be ready for a fluctuating income if you wish to be a freelance copy writer, and the stress that will come with it because the bills don’t stop when your earnings does.

Lack of social interaction – If you like spending time on your own (as many writers are inclined to do) then freelancing might be right for you. But when you enjoy connecting with fellow workers and customers then it will get isolating being on your own constantly.. This means you have to discover other ways to getting outdoors so you get some human interaction into your day (read this post for more tips on busting out of home working isolation).

Hopefully, this article has given you an guide of the advantages and drawbacks of the free lance lifestyle. If it’s a career that interests you, please visit my copywriting website to find out more about what being a copy writer entails.


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